Roland Coryn

(b. 21 December 1938, Kortrijk).

Belgian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, and piano works that have been performed throughout Europe.

Mr. Coryn studied at the Hogeschool Gent Conservatorium in Ghent, where he won a First Prize successively as a pianist, a violist and a composer.

Among his honours are the Tenuto Prijs (1973), the Jef van Hoof Prijs (1974), the Koopal-Prijs (1986, for his chamber music), and the ANV-Visser Neerlandia-prijs in Den Haag (1999, for his œuvre). He has been a corresponding member of the Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten since 1993.

Mr. Coryn is also active in other positions. He conducted the ensemble for contemporary music Nieuw Conservatoriumensemble, which gave many premières. He has co-organised with the city council of Harelbeke the biannual competition for new works for symphonic band Harelbeke Town of Music since 2004.

He taught piano and violin and later served as headmaster of the Academie Muziek Woord Dans Peter Benoit in Harelbeke. He also taught as Professor voor Compositie at the Hogeschool Gent Conservatorium in Ghent.

His publisher is the Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM).


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SELECT LIST OF WORKS (note that dates given may refer to year of publication as opposed to year of composition or year of première)


Merel Miranda (spel met woord en muziek voor de jeugd, text by André Velghe), orchestra (8 winds, 7 brass, percussion, strings), Op. 23, 1981

Jocaste tegen God (incidental music, play after Sophocles), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, percussion, Op. 24, 1981

Het Kleine Grootverhaal van Hebben en Zijn (spel met woord, muziek en dans, text by André Velghe), child actors, 1 or more dancers, children's chorus, youth orchestra (8 winds, 7 brass, percussion, strings), Op. 48, 1992


Quattro Movimenti, large orchestra (16 winds, 16 brass, strings), Op. 8, 1973

Sonate voor Orkest, Op. 12, 1976

Drie Inventies voor Strijkers, 14 strings, Op. 36, 1986

Concerto, violin, orchestra, Op. 38, 1988

Due Pitture, Op. 40, 1989 (also version for symphonic band, Op. 40-bis, 1992)

Concerto grosso, 62 strings, Op. 41, 1989 (also version for 14 strings, Op. 41-bis, 1995)

Vijf Concertpreluden, oboe, symphonic band, Op. 42-bis, 1991 (version of work for oboe, piano)

Concerto, vibraphone (+ marimba, xylophone), orchestra (10 winds, 9 brass, percussion, strings), Op. 54, 1994

Tre Pezzi per Orchestra d'Archi, 13 strings, Op. 57, 1995

Twee Stukken, cello, small orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, strings), Op. 11-bis, 1996 (version of work for cello, piano)

Sinfonia piccola, string orchestra, Op. 60, 1996

Concerto, symphonic band, Op. 62, 1997

Out of Darkness (sketch), orchestra (8 winds, 9 brass, percussion, strings), Op. 68, 2003

Concerto, cello, orchestra/large orchestra (8 winds, 10 brass, percussion, 33 or more strings), Op. 76, 2003–06

Divertimento, clarinet, symphonic band, Op. 13-bis, 2006 (version of work for clarinet, piano)


Sonatina, viola, Op. 1, 1964

Trio voor Houtblazers, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, Op. 3, 1971

Intrada I & II voor Kopers, Op. 4, 1971 (its two sections may be performed separately: I, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba; II, 2 trumpets, trombone)

Fantasia, clarinet, piano, Op. 7, 1973 (also version for flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon)

Tryptiek, flute, oboe, 8 strings, Op. 10, 1974 (also versions for E-flat clarinet, clarinet, 8 strings, Op. 10-bis; E-flat clarinet, clarinet, Op. 10-tris)

Twee Stukken, cello, piano, Op. 11, 1975 (also version for cello, small orchestra, Op. 11-bis)

Divertimento, clarinet, piano, Op. 13, 1976 (also version for clarinet, symphonic band, Op. 13-bis)

Sonatine, 2 clarinets, Op. 15, 1977

Ballade, trumpet, piano, Op. 16, 1978

Vijf Bagatellen, flute, Op. 17, 1978

Improvisatie I, violin, piano, Op. 20, 1979 (also versions as Improvisatie II, viola, piano, 1979; Improvisatie III, cello, piano, 1979; Thoughts on a Theme, double bass, 1979)

Sonatine, violin, piano, Op. 21, 1980

Entrata, 4 French horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, percussion, Op. 22, 1980

Kwartetbeweging, 3 euphoniums, bass tuba, Op. 27, 1983

In un tempo, euphonium, Op. 28, 1983

Sonate, bass tuba, Op. 29, 1984

Saxofoonkwartet, 4 saxophones, Op. 31, 1984 (also version as Klarinettenkwartet, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, Op. 31-bis, 1992)

Sonate, viola, piano, Op. 32, 1985 (also version for cello, piano, Op. 32-bis, 1995)

Introduzione e Ciaccona, 4 French horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, percussion, Op. 33, 1986

Trombonekwartet, 3 trombones, bass trombone, Op. 35, 1986

Vijf Concertpreluden, oboe, piano, Op. 42, 1990 (also version for oboe, symphonic band, Op. 42-bis)

Inquieto, euphonium, Op. 43, 1991

Vijf Bewegingen, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, Op. 49, 1993

Cadenza voor het 1ste Deel van het Concerto in D van J. Haydn, cello, Op. 53, 1994

Riflessioni, double bass, piano, Op. 55, 1994

Due Contrasti, 4 French horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, percussion, Op. 56, 1995

Tredici Miniature, flute/piccolo, string quartet, Op. 64, 1998

Eléphantasia, double bass, Op. 67, c. 2001

Als een Kaleidoscoop, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass, Op. 81, 2010

Per Violoncello Solo, cello, Op. 88, 2014


Voor Teo van Teo, 5 mixed voices, Op. 14, 1977

Landschappen en Stillevens (texts by Paul van Ostaijen, Roland Jooris, Gust Gils), 4 mixed voices, Op. 34, 1986

Opus 'Mens' (oratorio, text by Jacques Coryn), soprano, baritone, 4 mixed voices, small orchestra (4 winds, 4 brass, piano, percussion, strings), Op. 37, 1987

Vier Ernstige Liederen (texts by Dirk Blockeel, Hendrik Marsman, James Joyce), mixed chorus, Op. 44, 1991

Drie Bewerkingen (texts from old Christmas carols from the Netherlands), 5 mixed voices, Op. 46, 1991

Ave Maria, 4 mixed voices, Op. 47, 1992

Beeldspraak 1992 in '93 (Vijf Liederen) (song-cycle, text by Jan D'Haese), any 4 equal voices, Op. 50, 1993

A Letter to the World (Vijf Liederen) (song-cycle, text by Emily Dickinson), 4 mixed voices, Op. 51, 1993 (also version of one section, Pain, for any 4 equal male voices, Op. 51-bis, 1993)

Triptiek der Deernis (Drie Liederen) (song-cycle, text by Luuk Gruwez), 5 mixed voices, Op. 61, 1998

Winds of Dawn (Missa 'Da Pacem') (concertmis, texts by Dante Alighieri, Ingeborg Bachmann, Bertolt Brecht, Louis Aragon, W. H. Auden, Carel Steven Adama van Scheltema), soprano, tenor, baritone, children's chorus, mixed chorus, orchestra, Op. 63, 1998

Deux Mille regretz (song-cycle, text by Anton van Wilderode), male speaker, mixed chorus, ensemble of Renaissance instruments, Op. 65, 1999

Sotto voce (text by M. Vasalis), mixed chorus, Op. 66, 2000

Maria Vasalistriptiek (Hommage aan Herman Roelstraete) (text by M. Vasalis), mixed chorus, Op. 69, 2005

There Is another Sky (song-cycle, text by Emily Dickinson), 4 mixed voices, Op. 71, 2005

Due Cantici (texts by St. Francis of Assisi, Ezra Pound), 4 mixed voices, Op. 72, 2005

A Meeting with... (Volume 1) (song-cycle), Op. 73, 2005 (its five sections may be performed separately: Let down the bars, O Death! [text by Emily Dickinson], 4 mixed voices; On the Beach at Fontana [text by James Joyce], 4 mixed voices; The Blossom [text by William Blake], 4 female voices; I loved you [text by Alexander Pushkin], 4 mixed voices; The Tyger [text by William Blake], 4 mixed voices)

A Tribute to William Blake (song-cycle, text by William Blake), bass-baritone, mixed chorus, Op. 74, 2006

Een 'Reke' rijmkes en nageldeuntjes (suite, text by Guido Gezelle), children's chorus/female chorus, Op. 77, 2007

Canticum Canticorum Salomonis (text from the Song of Solomon), mixed chorus, violin, Op. 78, 2008

Five Songs on Poems by Li T'ai Po (text by Li Bai [translated by Sam Hamill]), mixed chorus, Op. 80, 2009–10

Miscellanea (song-cycle), Op. 75, 2006–11 (its eight sections may be performed separately: The Bells [text by Edgar Allan Poe], 4 female voices; Amidst the Flowers [text by Li Bai (English translation)], 4 male voices; Death be not proud [text by John Donne], 4 mixed voices; Song [text by William Blake], 4 mixed voices; Psalm VII [a], 4 mixed voices; Psalm VII [b], 4 mixed voices; A Game of Fives [text by Lewis Carroll], 4 mixed voices; Life [text by Charlotte Brontë], 8 mixed voices)

Vier Motetten (texts from motets in Latin), 4 male voices, Op. 83, 2009–11

A Meeting with... (Volume 2) (song-cycle), Op. 82, 2010–11 (its three sections may be performed separately: Sleep Now [text by James Joyce], 4 mixed voices; You ask why [text by Li Bai (translated by Sam Hamill)], 5 mixed voices; Trees [text by Joyce Kilmer], 8 mixed voices)

Memorial for Doomed Youth (texts by Ivor Gurney, August Stramm, Wilfred Owen), 8 mixed voices, Op. 84, 2012

Une Ménagerie minuscule (text by Robert Desnos), 3 equal youth voices, Op. 85, 2012

A Meeting with... (Volume 3) (texts by Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe), mixed chorus, Op. 86, 2014

Ein Treffen mit H. Heine (text by Heinrich Heine), mixed chorus, Op. 87, 2014


Regina (song-cycle), mezzo-soprano, piano, Op. 9, 1974

Ascension (text by Octave Landuyt), soprano, alto saxophone, Op. 26, 1982

Zes Liederen (song-cycle, text by Hans Andreus), high voice, piano, Op. 58, 1995 (also versions for tenor, E-flat clarinet [+ clarinet], violin, cello, piano, Op. 58-bis, 1997; high voice, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, Op. 58-tris, 2004)


Drie Stukken, Op. 2, 1970

Per Pianosolo, Op. 5, 1972

Vier Miniaturen, Op. 6, 1973

Toccatella, Op. 18, 1979

Pianosuite voor de Jeugd, Op. 19, c. 1979

Sonate, 2 pianos, Op. 25, 1982

Sonatine, Op. 39, c. 1988

Een Dansloze Suite (voor jonge en andere pianisten), Op. 59, 1996


Tombeau (In memoriam H. Roelstraete), Op. 70, 2005


Prelude en Dans, Op. 52, 1994


Porqué, Habanera en Moto perpetuo (Jan Decadt), orchestra (8 winds, 9 brass, percussion, strings), Op. 30, 1984

Préludes, Premier Livre (Claude Debussy), symphonic band, Op. 79a, 2008–09

Préludes, Deuxième Livre (Claude Debussy), symphonic band, Op. 79b, 2008–09


Quattro Movimenti, Op. 8. Frédéric Devreese/deFilharmonie (Cultura: 5073-N2) (LP)

Sonate (2 pianos), Op. 25. Duo Kende–Hendrickx (Terpsichore: 1984 NV) (LP)

Triptiek der Deernis (Drie Liederen), Op. 61 (excerpt). Marc-Michaël De Smet/Goeyvaerts Consort (AVA)

Saxofoonkwartet, Op. 31. Brussels Saxofoonkwartet (BRT: 890021)

Eléphantasia, Op. 67. Gabriela Fragner, double bass (Etcetera Records: KTC 1266)

Due Pitture, Op. 40-bis; Vijf Concertpreluden, Op. 42-bis. Yf Bourry, oboe; Geert Verschaeve/Koninklijk Harmonieorkest Vooruit (Koninklijk Harmonieorkest Vooruit: 47054)

Vier Ernstige Liederen, Op. 44. Vic Nees/Vlaams Radio Koor (Phaedra: 92 006)

Riflessioni, Op. 55. David Desimpelaere, double bass; Erik Desimpelaere, piano (Phaedra: 92 079)

A Meeting with... (Volume 2), Op. 82; A Letter to the World (Vijf Liederen), Op. 51; A Game of Fives, Op. 75 No. 7; There Is another Sky, Op. 71; Life, Op. 75 No. 8; Let down the bars, O Death!, Op. 73 No. 1; Five Songs on Poems by Li T'ai Po, Op. 80. Marc-Michaël De Smet/Aquarius Chamber Choir (Phaedra: 92 081)

Klarinettenkwartet, Op. 31-bis. Vanoosthuyse Klarinettenkwartet (private)

Thoughts on a Theme, Op. 20. Frank Coppieters, double bass (René Gailly International Productions: 86 006)

Concerto (violin), Op. 38. Henry Raudales, violin; Patrick Peire/Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen (René Gailly International Productions: 87 063)

Due Pitture, Op. 40. Dirk Brossé/Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen (René Gailly International Productions: 87 080)

Tredici Miniature, Op. 64. Peter Verhoyen, flute; Arco Baleno (René Gailly International Productions: 87 169)

Vijf Bewegingen, Op. 49. Quintessens (Stad Harelbeke)