Harald Muenz

(b. 20 September 1965, Württemberg).

German composer, now resident in both Germany and the UK, of mostly chamber, vocal and electroacoustic works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Muenz studied sound engineering at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold from 1986–88 and chamber music and piano with Klaus Oldemeyer, composition with Krzysztof Meyer and electronic music with Hans Ulrich Humpert at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne from 1988–93, where he earned his diploma in composition. He then had postgraduate studies in composition with Helmut Lachenmann at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Stuttgart from 1994–97.

Among his honours are a fellowship from the Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf in Brandenburg (1995), a selected work in the competition Praxis der Neuen Vokalmusik in Stuttgart (1996, for discAntico), the Förderpreis from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (1997), the Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann-Stipendium from the city of Cologne (1997), a fellowship from the government of Germany for a residency at the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles (2000), and the Forschungspreis from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (2001). His music has been performed in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and the USA, including a two-day portrait concert in Cologne (2003). In addition, he is the subject of the profile Zu unbegrenzten Räumen und Möglichkeiten ... Der Kölner Komponist Harald Muenz by Rainer Nonnenmann (2004, MusikTexte).

Mr. Muenz is also active in other positions. He has often written programme notes for public radio since 1992 and has made translations for both magazines and radio. He has written many articles and served as editor of the book hin zu einer neuen welt. notate zu Franco Evangelisti (2002, PFAU-Verlag). He served on the board of directors of the Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik from 1996–2002. Moreover, he co-founded with Georg Sachse and Sigrid Sachse the vocal/speech trio sprechbohrer in Cologne in 2004, with which he has performed since 2004.

He lectured on aesthetic phonetics at the Universität zu Köln from 2001–05. He has taught composition and sonic arts as a lecturer in music at Brunel University in London since 2005.





exercising, athlete, percussion, 2003


tre schizzi, large orchestra (minimum 66 players), 1984

x-rayed x-mas x-tra, orchestra (60 players), 1994–95

SCHLOESCH, large orchestra (74–80 players), 2008–11


azione triangolare, violin, cello, piano, 1991–92

CITIVS-ALTIVS-FORTIVS, bassoon, percussion, 1992–93

Isn't it romantic?, bassoon, guitar/electric guitar, 1994

standArts, sight-read clarinet, laptop, 1996

ausPlaste (in memoriam Franco Evangelisti), clarinet, trombone, cello, piano, 1996–97

franSung. Ensemblekammermusik zu vierzehnt (vocalise), soprano, flute (+ piccolo), oboe (+ English horn), clarinet, soprano saxophone (+ alto saxophone, bass clarinet), trumpet, trombone, harp, viola, cello, double bass, piano, sampler, percussion, 1997

musik + salon =, 2 synthesizers, 1998 (collaboration with hans w. koch)

writing, amplified bass drum (2 players, both + sopranino recorder, Großbass recorder [by Joachim Paetzold]), fixed media (2 tracks), 1998

BACH-Maschin', 2 cellos, organ, accordion, 1999–2000

...und weil die da in donaueschingen immer noch töne brauchen, hab' ich sie ihnen halt hingeschrieben..., clarinet, guitar, violin, piano, 2000

miniaturen, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 1995–2001

il filosofo (vocalise), soprano, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, 2001

ariche, bass flute, fixed media, 2001

CD player, 4 Spieler mit laseroptischen Speichermedien, 4 amplified CDs (used like playing cards) (4 players), 2001

The SelfComposer, sight-read oboe, laptop, 1999–2002

articulated strings, harp, guitar, cello, live electronics, 2002

The Abyss of the Eyes (concert installation), sopranino recorder (+ tenor recorder, subcontrabass recorder [by Joachim Paetzold]), guitar, piano, live electronics, 2003, revised 2005

dissieme, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, live electronics, 2004

... con dolcezza ..., flute, clarinet, harp, cello, double bass, piano, live electronics, 2005–06

dietro V avanti, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, 2006–07

nearlyfast, bass clarinet, piano, marimba, 2008

data compression, violin, accordion, 2009

tubus borealis, any 1–4 strings, 2010

it's minute, harp, piano, marimba, 2010

fein ... auflösend, flute, clarinet, cello, piano, 2010–11

stein-sum (text by the composer, after Gertrude Stein), mezzo-soprano, viola d'amore, microtonal keyboard, 2011–12

Raus auf die Straße! Luft! ¡A la calle! ¡Fuera! (text by Florian Neuner), 2012–13 (its four sections may be performed separately: Satellit 1, piccolo, clarinet, glockenspiel, 2 megaphones; Satellit 2, oboe d'amore, contrabass clarinet, fixed media [2 tracks]; Satellit 3, speaker, piano, vibraphone, fixed media [2 tracks], film ad libitum [by the performers]; Abendstück, 2 speakers, flute [+ piccolo, alto flute], oboe [+ oboe d'amore], clarinet, contrabass clarinet, piano, percussion, fixed media [4 tracks] [also version for mezzo-soprano, 2 speakers, flute (+ piccolo, alto flute), oboe (+ oboe d'amore), clarinet, contrabass clarinet, piano, percussion, fixed media (4 tracks)])

spray, bass oboe, tenor saxophone, viola, 2012–13

aldiladellaldiqua, alto flute, clarinet (+ A-clarinet), violin, cello, 2014


deChiffrAGE (text from a random source, generated live), any speaker (+ laptop), 1993

discAntico (texts by St. Francis of Assisi, Andrea Pieroni), 8 mixed voices, 1995

parkfiguren (text by Róža Domašcyna; voice and speaker must be of different genders), voice, speaker, 1996

'shiftlessness/schiebeproben' (vocalise), soprano, clarinet, synthesizer, live electronics, 1998, revised 1999 (collaboration with hans w. koch)

SprachProben (texts from sounds in the moribund languages Arbëresh, Istro-Romanian), soprano, female Wolfsohn voice (with an extended range), male Wolfsohn voice (with an extended range), female speaker, male speaker, sopranino recorder (+ alto recorder), flute, clarinet, fixed media (2–8 tracks), computer, 2001–03

entr'actes (text by the composer), any speaker (+ laptop), film (by the composer), 2004

de(ux)ChiffrAGE (text from a random source, generated live), any 2 speakers (both + laptop), 2004

... und dann ist mir donaueschingen dazwischengekommen ... (text by the composer), 3 phonetic voices (high, medium, low), 2007

tsvi:-Satz (text by the composer, after tongue-twisters), 3 phonetic voices (high, medium, low), 2008

VAGES unter LAS die/der VEGAS decke (texts by Florian Neuner, Christian Filips, Monika Rinck), 3 phonetic voices (high, medium, low), 2010

seconda vista (text by the composer), 4 mixed voices, 2010

bum al lumhini (text by Oswald Egger), 4 mixed voices, 2010

d(r)e(i)ChiffrAGE (text from a random source, generated live), any 3 speakers (all + laptop), 2010

Heisze Fusion (text by Christian Filips), 3 phonetic voices (high, medium, low), 2013


corps d'œuvres, 1996

ope-seynsu, piano, fixed media, 2001

schönes klavierstück, 2006

prima vista. Tu, Felix, Austeritatem nube!, 2009

unashamed piano playing, 2 pianos, 2010


-tulationstòpos (organist also speaks word "tulationstòpos"), organ, metronome, 1991

[ðə ':ðə ɪz 'ɔ:ɹəl], 2006–07


deSperanto, fixed media (2/4 tracks), 1995–96

tafelmusik I (sound installation), fixed media, 1998 (collaboration with hans w. koch, Andrea Pieroni)

tafelproben (sound installation), fixed media, 1998 (collaboration with hans w. koch)

spi:tschsaontskäip 1 (texts by the composer, Andrea Pieroni), 2 male voices, fixed media (2 tracks), 2000

BeethovEnBloc, fixed media (2 tracks), 2000

schweigenderest, fixed media (2/4 tracks), 2000–01

BrahmsBloc, fixed media (2 tracks), 2001

SILENtplaCES, fixed media (2 tracks), 2002

dreimal neunzig sekunden wirklichkeit, fixed media (2 tracks), 2002

Žejanski Kntaduri, fixed media (2 tracks), 2003

fugaCittà (sound installation), fixed media, 2003

rieselt stille froh entsprungen, fixed media (8 tracks), 2003

Klangsignet for KunstSalon Köln / KunstSalon-Stiftung, fixed media (2 tracks), 2004

Hallo, hier spricht Ehrenfeld!, fixed media (2 tracks), 2004 (collaboration with Holger Schroers)

Ipecacuanha, fixed media (2 tracks), 2006

[KLIKTRAEK DE:?ES], fixed media (2 tracks), 2007

Still Life with Orphean Shepherd, fixed media (2 tracks), 2007

Orèlob 80, fixed media (2 tracks), 2008

Elektrophonet (radiophonic composition), fixed media (2 tracks), 2009

durch die vögel. A speech soundscape for John Cage (text by Florian Neuner), fixed media (2/4 tracks), 2011


writing. duo:archaeopteryx (Cybele Records/Feedback Studio Verlag: 960303, 2003)

dreimal neunzig sekunden wirklichkeit. (Cybele Records/Feedback Studio Verlag: 960208, 2005)

Ipecacuanha. (WERGO: 6599 2, 2005)

Still Life with Orphean Shepherd. (Cybele Records/Feedback Studio Verlag: 960209, 2007)

Orèlob 80. (Noise of Cologne 1, 2010)

nearlyfast; data compression; fein ... auflösend; schönes klavierstück; dietro V avanti. Ernst Surberg, piano; ensemble mosaik (Coviello Contemporary: COV 61117, 2012)

BeethovEnBloc. (Müzik Hayvanı İstanbul: MH-G7-012, 2012)