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Schneller, Oliver (b. March 26, 1966, Cologne). German composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and electroacoustic works that have been performed in Europe and the USA; he is also active as a saxophonist.

Mr. Schneller studied composition privately with Friedhelm Aufenanger alongside studies in history, musicology and political science at the Universität Bonn from 1989–93. He then studied in the USA, initially with Lee Hyla and Olga Pozzi Escot at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston from 1994–96 and then with Tristan Murail at Columbia University from 1996–2002, where he earned his DMA. In addition, he attended masterclasses with George Benjamin, Brian Ferneyhough, Vinko Globokar, Helmut Lachenmann, and Salvatore Sciarrino and the Cursus Annuel de Composition et Informatique Musicale at IRCAM in 2000–01.

Among his honors are the Robert Starer Prize (1996), two grants from Meet the Composer (1997, 1999), the Boris Rapoport Award for Composition (1998), a Presidential Fellowship from Columbia University (1998–2002), and the Commissioning Prize of the National Flute Association (1999). In addition, he earned the Benjamin Britten Memorial Fellowship (1999) and the Paul Fromm Award (2000) from the Tanglewood Music Center and a residency at the Maison-Heinrich-Heine in Paris (2002). He also served as visiting composer at the Festival of Contemporary Music at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (2001) and was a featured composer at the Festival Résonances at IRCAM (2002).

As a saxophonist, he has worked with many composers, including Lukas Foss, John Harbison, Tan Dun, and John Zorn.


E-mail address: os59@columbia.edu


ORCHESTRAL: Quaestio, small orchestra (17 players), 1994; Gammes, 1995; Tightrope Dancer, 1996; Phantom Islands, small orchestra (14 players), computer, 2000; Diastema, small orchestra (14 players), 2001–02

CHAMBER MUSIC: Big City Divertimento, 4 saxophones, 1995; Kumoijoshi, soprano saxophone, koto, 1995; Hoqueterie, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, guitar, percussion, 1996; Marsyas, amplified flute, amplified cello, 1996; Processional Suite, 2 guitars, 1996; Reed-Weed, alto saxophone, 1996; Finnagain Speaking, flute (+ alto flute, piccolo), clarinet (+ bass clarinet), French horn, 2 violins, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1997; Five Miniatures after Maurice Sendak, French horn, trumpet, trombone, 1998; Joyce Paraphrase, amplified string quartet, tape, 1998; Aqua Vit, flute (+ piccolo), oboe, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), violin, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1999; Suite for Four, flute, oboe, trumpet, baroque cello, 1999; Trio, cello, piano, accordion, 1999; Topoi, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 2000; Soleil in memoriam Iannis Xenakis, flute, piano, 2001

CHORAL: Alice Setting (text by Lewis Carroll), soprano, mixed chorus, piano, percussion, string orchestra, 1997; Pour Schnabelmax. Hommage à Max Ernst (text by the composer), 3 male voices, 1999

VOCAL: Rice Pudding (text by A.A. Milne), speaker, piano, 1993; Three Songs after Hopkins, Shelley and Meredith, soprano, piano, 1994

PIANO: Sieben Bilder, 1995; Labyrinth, 1996; Aurora, 1997; Clouds, 1998; Five Imaginary Spaces, piano, live electronics, 2001

ELECTROACOUSTIC: Variations on a Word, tape, 1997; Bell/Man, tape, 1998; Proteus, tape, 1999

ARRANGEMENTS: Sechs kleine Klavierstücke (nos. 1-2, 6), Op. 19 (Arnold Schoenberg), orchestra, 1989; Zehn Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen (nos. 5, 9) (Mauricio Kagel), orchestra, 1995

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