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Sidiq, Mohammed Uthman (b. 1962, Baghdad). Iraqi composer, now resident in Jordan, of orchestral and chamber works that have been performed in Europe, the Middle East and North America; he is also active as a conductor.

Mr. Sidiq is self-taught as a composer. He studied piano at the Music and Ballet School in Baghdad from 1968-80 and there he earned a diploma. He then studied piano with Vera Barisivna at the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, where he received his MMus in 1997.

Among his many honors are First Prize in the Baghdad competition (1992, for Al-Amiriyya), Grand Prize in the Arab Songs competition in Cairo (2000, for his arrangement of the Jordanian song 'Ud Lee) and First Prize in the Jordanian Song Festival (2002, for Ya dam'i il mur). His music has been heard in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, France, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and the USA, including a performance of Memory featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma in Amman.

As a conductor, he served as principal conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra in Baghdad from 1991-93. He has conducted the Orchestra of the National Conservatory of Music of the Noor al-Hussein Foundation in Amman since 1994. He has also conducted orchestras in Egypt, France, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, and the USA.

He has taught composition, conducting, ear training, and piano at the National Conservatory of Music of the Noor al-Hussein Foundation since 1994, where he has also served as assistant director of academic affairs since 2000.

In addition to the works listed below, Mr. Sidiq has composed numerous popular songs and has made many arrangements.

He is the brother of the composer Zaid Uthman Sidiq.


E-mail address: sidiq@hotmail.com

Street address: Mr. Mohammed U. Sidiq, National Conservatory of Music of the Noor al-Hussein Foundation, PO Box 926687, 11110 Amman, Jordan


ORCHESTRAL: Al-Amiriyya (elegy), 1992; Symphony No. 1, 1992; Concerto, nay, string orchestra, 2000; Melody, qanun (zither), orchestra, 2000; Dialogue, nay/flute, string orchestra, 2002; Hope, 'ud, string orchestra, 2002

CHAMBER MUSIC: Memory, cello, piano, 1994; Elegy, string quartet, 2001; Fog al-nakhalOn the Palm, 3 celli, 2001

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