Hannes Taljaard

(b. 13 March 1971, Venda).

South African composer of mostly chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed in Africa and Europe.

Mr. Taljaard began studies in music at age seven in Potchefstroom and began composing soon after. He studied at Noordwes-Universiteit in Potchefstroom, where he earned his BMus cum laude in music theory and composition in 1993, his honours degree cum laude in literature from France in 1993, his honours degree cum laude in music in 1995, and his MMus cum laude on the teaching of composition and music analysis in 1997. He later earned his PhD in composition and musicology there. He studied in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK from 1995–97, attended the Ferienkurse in Darmstadt in 1996 and studied privately with Wim Henderickx in Antwerp in 1996.

Among his honours are First Prize in the competition Flores Iuventutis (1994–95).

He has taught analysis, aural training, composition, counterpoint, harmony, and orchestration at Noordwes-Universiteit since 1994.


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Sarabande, violin, orchestra, 1996


Komas, 'n Koker en drie Spieëls, clarinet, cello, piano, 1992 (also version for clarinet, bassoon, piano, 1999)

Les Sarabandes, cello, piano, 1992 (also version of first movement for violin, cello, piano, 1999–2001)

Impromptu, cello, 1993

Nacht und Träume, clarinet, piano, 1993

Introverz, cello, 1996–97

Paracuartetodecuerda, string quartet, 1997

Metaphor I, any 10 players, 1996–98

Interludes (Ritual), flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, double bass, 2 pianos, harpsichord, 4 or more percussion, 1998–99, revised 2001

Sloka, bassoon, 1999–2001

Lullaby, bassoon, vibraphone, 2000–01


Nova Cantica Sacra, mixed chorus, 1987–89

Meditation I, 16 mixed voices, 1998

Uittelrympies, children's chorus, flute, violin, cello, piano, 1999

Raaiselrympies en Snelsêers, 6 mixed voices, 1999

Thula Sana, 4 female voices, 2000

Rymelary, 6 mixed voices, 1999–2001


A Song for Simeon, baritone, clarinet, bassoon, 2 violins, cello, piano, 1993–94

Drei Gebete, baritone, 2 cellos, 1994–95

Wiegieliedjies (Boek I), soprano, clarinet, bassoon, piano, 1998

Wiegieliedjies (Boek II), soprano, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bassoon, harp, violin, cello, 2 pianos, 1999–2000


Fünf Zärtliche Bagatellen, 1993

Drie Nokturnes 1998 vir Bart se konsert in Lier, 1998

Two Lullabies, 2000


I@afrika, 1998