Jos Zwaanenburg

(b. 1958, Bovenkarspel).

Dutch composer of mostly chamber and vocal works that have been performed in Europe and North America; he is also active as a flutist.

Mr. Zwaanenburg studied composition with Wim de Ruiter and flute with Joost Tromp at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he graduated with distinction in 1985.

As a flutist, he has performed contemporary music throughout the Americas and Europe. He has undertaken research into extended techniques for the flute, which led to the development of the open-hole alto flute in collaboration with Eva Kingma and Dirk Kuiper in 1986–87. He later founded the experimental-rock band KXTAHPAPH in 1995 and collaborated regularly with the ensemble for contemporary music the Barton Workshop in Amsterdam.

He has lectured at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and as a guest at Oxford Brookes University, where he is also a research associate. He has given lectures, masterclasses and workshops throughout the world.


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Songs, actors, any 3 winds, 1985

Paraphrasen über Grass, 4 actors–voices, 1986

a day in a life (incidental music), flute, live electronics, 1994–95

(Y)our House (incidental music), flute, live electronics, 1996–97


Ohnomono, flute, 1983

Solo, prepared flute, 1984

HA, amplified viola, 1984

Texts for nothing, 4 amplified flutes, fixed media, live electronics, 1985

tr–, flute, 1985

Seven Pieces, flute, 1986

Electric Temperaments, flute, alto flute, 2 bass flutes, fixed media, live electronics, 1987

Sol (concerto), open-hole alto flute, 15 players, 1987

Minimalphonics and Phonicalmimics, 4 flutes, 1988

Manamanamania I, open-hole alto flute, live electronics, 1991

Manamanamania II, open-hole alto flute, live electronics, 1991

Maybe Tomorrow, amplified tenor saxophone, 1991

35 Whirlpools, 10 amplified players, 1991

Cherubs' Chirrup, open-hole alto flute, 31-tone organ, fixed media, live electronics, 1992

Some people do it No. 1, open-hole alto flute, 1993

Some people do it No. 2, open-hole alto flute, live electronics, 1993

Frank and Pierre, 5 players, 1993

An Authentic G-String for All Instruments, flute, trumpet, cello, 2 percussion, 1997

Rubber Duck, flute, live electronics, 1997

Under Dirndl Skirts, 3 soprano saxophones, baritone saxophone, 1997

An obstreperous silencer, flute, live electronics, 1998

Dichter im Puffer, flute, sampler, 1999

How deep is your throat, amplified flute, 3 percussion, 2000

When kerfuffle comes..., flute, sampler, 2000

Tight as spiced sphincters, 4 electric 5-string violins, 2001

The Flight of the Led Balloon, flute, live electronics, 2002


Trekkend, aan het kortste eind, mixed chorus, 2000


Don't touch the dial, voice, melodica, alto flute, trombone, fixed media, live electronics, 1991

Voice without a mouth, voice, flute, fixed media, live electronics, 1992

Disentango I, voice, flute, live electronics, 1994

The inflatable Dolphin from Biosphere 5, voice, 5 players, 1994

Oh, Elsie!, voice, 5 players, 1994

The Sick Rose, voice, electronic keyboard, percussion, 1995

Disentango II, voice, 5 players, 1996

An African Elegy, voice, 7 players, 2001

The longest mauvais quart d'heure, voice, 2 recorders, 2 flutes, 2 electronic keyboards, live electronics, 2002


A Prelude to the Wife of Bath's Prologue, amplified organ, 1989

à Aphonie, 1990

DISCOGRAPHY (as performer)

Finals of the competition of the Internationale Gaudeamus Muziekweek, 1984 (Franco Donatoni, Jos Zwaanenburg). (Audio Art Gallery/Stichting Gaudeamus, 1984)

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